Dry & dryer… on to Paracas

Departed Lima for Paracas, a coastal city several hours south, aboard a double-decker tourist bus. A very bleak desert journey with endless semi-cultivated fields, debris, half-finished buildings and an occasional dusty person. A depressing sight and hard to imagine there was anything worth seeing or visiting.

Our destination changed that perception. Paracas is a small, walkable beach town with a nice row of restaurants and a quiet, friendly vibe. Our first day was spent at the Paracas National Reserve, a gorgeous desert landscape of rolling hills, muted colors, pelicans and a large fishing fleet captained by “artisanal” fishermen. Interesting fact: due to nutrients produced by the Humboldt Current, Peru has the second largest fishery in the world, about half that of China and double the USA.

We stopped at a fish restaurant in the park and were a bit underwhelmed. It looked better than it tasted. Not that I know much about eating fish but that was the opinion of those with more expertise.

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