Last days in Peru

Cusco market full of wonderful food

We flew back to Lima and split with our group to spend our second last day exploring Pachacámac, an enormous, sprawling archaeological site about 31 km south of Lima. It was a major adventure that required two local minibuses and another bus down the highway to the site. I’m not sure how, but we navigated the urban maze and began a four hour exploration of this ancient wonder. It’s off the beaten path but worth the trip and underscores just how widespread and sophisticated Inca culture had become.

Next day was the last and we used it to explore Lima, tour the market and enjoy some food in the city’s busy Chinatown. It was not without drama. I managed to separate from our group by getting squeezed off a packed bus and did not realize the next one was not exactly the same route (theirs was 29a, mine was 29b) — I went left, they went right. In the meantime one of my friends had his iPhone pickpocketed. Through some miracle, transit police got us together again — I felt like a lost child — and all was well. I think my friend got some pleasure from the prospect of a new phone so it all worked out. So that was it: early the next morning we were headed home. A great trip, a lovely country with lovely people, highly recommended and something we would gladly repeat. Go to Peru if you can!

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