More Istanbul: bridge, fish, people, bazaar


In the Grand Bazaar Istanbul could keep you busy for weeks or months but, alas, we only had a few days in this incredible city. Our first expedition after Hagia Sofia was a 15 minute tram ride from Sultanahmet at the foot of the Hippodrome to EminönĂ¼ on the Golden Horn. We took the T1 … Continue reading More Istanbul: bridge, fish, people, bazaar

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia dominates Sultanahmet Square. Istanbul has many wondrous sights but it's hard to conceive anything more magnificent, more grand, or more fabled than Hagia Sophia, the Church of Divine Wisdom. A Christian basilica, the heart of the Eastern Roman Empire aka Byzantium, and once the centre of Christianity itself, the first Hagia Sophia was built … Continue reading Hagia Sophia

Off to Istanbul

According to a Turkish city planner sitting with us on the plane from Cappadocia (Turkish Airlines, US$34pp), Istanbul has about 30 million people though the official tally is half that and he said no one actually knows. Whatever the exact number, it is a very large city spread across Europe and Asia and divided by … Continue reading Off to Istanbul